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Pixels-farms is a simple tool that helps farmers keep track of the crops they are currently farming.

How to add a farm?

Type the farm number or just copy/paste the URL.
Select the crop type.
Color indicator and notes are optional.
Click "Add Farm".
The farm will appear on the left column.

How to start a farm?

Click the "start" button to start the timer on the farm
This will open the game in a new tab so you can go ahead and collect/plant the crop.
Close the game and continue with the next farm on the list
Rows will turn green whenever the timer is over.
Press the "checkmark" button to start the farm again

How to edit a farm?

Click the "edit" button to edit the farm
A pop-up will open where you can select the new crop type for that farm, edit color and notes.
Click "Save" to confirm the selection.

How to open a farms without starting the timer?

Click the "Open Farm" button to open Pixels game for that farm (this action won't start the timer).

How to delete a farm?

Click the "delete" button to delete farm from the list

How to add Stoping Point?

Click the "flag" button to add a Stopping Point.
This will turn the flag red indicating that you have added a stopping point to that farm.
Whenever you reach this farm while farming, the game will close.
You can add as many stopping point as you want.

How to bulk edit farms?

Bulk editing is possible by selecting more than two farms.
To select a farm click on the checkbox located on the left side of the farm number or click the farm name.
To select/deselect all farms click the checkbox located on top of the farms.
Thre buttons will appear that will let you "Delete, Edit, Start" the farms accordingly.
Only crop type can be changed in bulk.
To start farms in bulk pop-ups will need to be disable for the site.

How to re-order farms?

Drag and drop farms to re-order them.

How to export farms?

To export farms click the "Export Farms" button
This will automatically download a txt file named "exported-farms"
This file can be used to back up your farms or to import them to another system.

How to import farms?

To import farms drop an exported file to the box or click the box to select the file from your computer.
The click import farms.

Is pixels-tools secure?

Everything on the Pixels Tools website happens locally, this means that no data is saved or sent to the server. This makes the website very secure.

Is the tool open source?

The tool is not fully open source as of now.

What technologies are used to built the tool?

All the front end is done with simple HTML, CSS and JS.
Backend is done with Craft CMS.
The tool will be migrated to React eventually.

How can I contact you?

If you have any requests, improvements, or just want to chat with me please feel free to hit me up on twitter or on discord (DEON#9972)

How can I support your work?

If you are enjoying this tool consider buying me an energy drink so I can keep building stuff

ETH add: 0x9eD6c0bC70E40907a4459372E404dE9975cA25Cf


Having this unchecked will not allow bulk opening

Gold Popberry is here!!
  • Newest crop in Pixels is now in your favorite tool!
  • Head to Ryan located west of the fountain in Terravilla and ask him about this beautiful seed :D
  • Gold Popberry

Please remember to back up your farms regularly.

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If you are enjoying this tool consider buying me an energy drink: 0x9eD6c0bC70E40907a4459372E404dE9975cA25Cf

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